[systemd-devel] Get rid of /etc/fstab

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Mon Feb 4 01:25:33 PST 2013

Am 04.02.2013 10:18, schrieb Lennart Poettering:
> On Sat, 02.02.13 15:24, Sébastien Luttringer (seblu at seblu.net) wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Looking forward to mount custom partitions I decided to use unit.mount
>> files to define my new fs. Everything works perfectly, so I tried to
>> do the same with all my mounted filesystems and removing /etc/fstab.
> I am not sure it is worth getting rid of fstab. I mean, that file is                                                                  
> very simple and sufficiently powerful for many cases. It is exposed in                                                                
> glibc's setmntent() API and widely understood by programs, including                                                                  
> udisks.            

it is not - it doe not eat babies, it is well known over
decades, it is referenced in thousands if docs and if it
ain't broken don't fix it!

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