[systemd-devel] [PATCH][V3] systemd-analyze: rewrite in C.

Peeters Simon peeters.simon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 16:03:12 PST 2013

2013/2/5 William Giokas <1007380 at gmail.com>:
> Thanks! It applied cleanly. Just a comment in the analyze_plot fucntion.
> Previously I mentioned that really short boot times make plots that are
> too small to really read anything, and I kept getting graphs that were
> trunctated and short, basically telling me how long the kernel took to
> get ready and maybe the initrd. I thought this was fixed seeing this
> patch[1], but then I realized that width is not even used in the svg, it
> re-calculates the width for some reason here[2]. Just changing that line
> to `width,` and everything works as expected. (Otherwise the 800.0 width
> or 1000.0 width isn't actually used in the svg)
thanks, i missed that when trying to fix your bug, will fix it in the
next iteration.

>> +        /* write some basic info as a comment, including some help */
>> +        svg("<!-- This file is a systemd-analyze SVG file. It is best rendered in a   -->\n"
>> +            "<!-- browser such as Chrome/Chromium, firefox. Other applications that   -->\n"
>> +            "<!-- render these files properly but much more slow are ImageMagick,     -->\n"
>> +            "<!-- gimp, inkscape, etc.. To display the files on your system, just     -->\n"
>> +            "<!-- point your browser to file:///var/log/ and click.                   -->\n\n"
>> +            "<!-- this plot was generated by systemd-analyze version %-16.16s -->\n\n", VERSION);
> Also, this could use a few fixes:
>  * Chrome/Chromium, firefox -> Chrome, Chromium or Firefox
>  * much more slow -> much slower
>  * this plot was generated -> This plot was generated
>  * etc.. -> etc.
this should also be fixed in systemd-bootchart since this block is
mostly copied from there.

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