[systemd-devel] Someone working on gui for multiseat?

Stef Bon stefbon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 00:45:56 PST 2013

2013/2/8 Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net>:
> On Fri, 08.02.13 12:27, Stef Bon (stefbon at gmail.com) wrote:
>> > No, udev contains the information which devices together make up a
>> > seat. Hence, it is also udev where it is stored whether something is
>> > used in "docking station" style or in "new seat" style.
>> Can you please tell me where?
> Bus calls such as AttachDevice() (and hence "loginctl attach-device"
> too, which is just a wrapper around that bus call) drop in udev rules
> files for this in /etc/udev/rules.d.
Look this is getting us nowhere.

You do not seem to understand my point.

How does this rule look like? I'm asking because I cannot immagine one.

Earlier in this thread I've described the scenario of the first
plugable device being a docking station, and every next plugable
device an extra seat.

This logic can't be done with "simple" rules like in udev. Plugable
devices do not have unique id like partitions on block devices have,
so the rules can only be very generic. Every plugable device is a seat
or a docking station. There can't be something like I've described
above, the first a docking station, and every next an extra seat.
Isn't it?

In my opinion the setting of the tags "seat" in udev is not the best
place. They should be grouped in udev, and the group of devices is
made an extra seat or docking station by GDM or any other service like
logind, that I do not know.

A gui/message on the screen of the admin that a group of devices is
detected and asking to the user what to do is in my opinion also very

Stef Bon

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