[systemd-devel] Idea about improving boot-up status report

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Feb 12 16:18:03 PST 2013

On Tue, 12.02.13 12:38, cee1 (fykcee1 at gmail.com) wrote:

> Hi all,
> Systemd will report "Starting/Started ..."  of units when boot-up, but
> it doesn't tell users what's happening when the boot-up process
> blocks(e.g. waiting for timeout, my personal story was swap partition
> changed but forgot to modify fstab, which caused a hangup each
> boot-up).

Well, it does, in the "Starting ..." lines, as they are printed when we
start with something...

> It would be better if Systemd could timely report which units are
> still starting.
> E.g. we limit the max starting units meanwhile(which may improve boot
> performance). 

Putting a limit on that only improves something on rotational
disks... Otherwise you want to max out the IO bandwith.

> When blocked, tell plymouth which units are started and
> which units are still starting of the current batch.

Well, if plymouth wants to know this it could already just ask. The
equivalent of "systemctl list-jobs" would tell plymouth everything about
jobs we are currently executing, and the jobs still in the queue.


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