[systemd-devel] D-Bus activation for systemd user session

Jonas Schneider mail at jonasschneider.com
Sat Feb 16 10:32:34 PST 2013


I am seeing a kind of hen-and-egg problem with systemd for a user
session and D-Bus.
The user session units from
https://github.com/sofar/user-session-units are installed.

My 'workflow' is then as follows:
# systemctl start user-session at myuser

This correctly starts the systemd user instance. However, no dbus is
started so I can't communicate with the running instance.
I then went and added `Require=dbus.socket` to the `default.target` of
my user config folder. This causes the dbus session daemon to start up
But, naturally, I still get the message

    Failed to open private bus connection: Failed to connect to socket

in the journal (and can't connect via systemctl) because dbus is only
started after systemd has finished initializing.
Am I missing something there?


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