[systemd-devel] High CPU usage of journald

Cristian Rodríguez crrodriguez at opensuse.org
Sun Feb 17 10:31:45 PST 2013

El 17/02/13 14:54, Holger Freyther escribió:

> So where does _int_malloc come from? I have used gdb to 'sample'
> it by hand. So the answer is from a lot of places. Do you consider
> cutting back on how you dynamically allocate strings? E.g. stop
> using fopen, fgets, only have one dynamically tmp string for the
> various format routines one is using sequentially?

Why should systemd stop using standard IO functions to please some 
obscure, out of the ordinary need ?

If libc behaves in a way you dont like or want, you will have to send 
your complains to libc developers..

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