[systemd-devel] masked services and a lot of warnings

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Feb 17 10:37:11 PST 2013

Am 17.02.2013 19:33, schrieb Cristian Rodríguez:
> El 17/02/13 14:33, Reindl Harald escribió:
>> can we gat rid of this messages somehow?
>> i know that they are masked and can not be started
>> this as the reason to mask them
>> nobody needs upower on a virtual machine because
>> he connects via SSH and opens a X application with
>> X-Forwarding
> Huh ? isnt that bug in the unit instead.. 

in which one?

this happens as example starting kate (a kde text editor)

> there is no need to mask it , just set ConditionVirtualization=false

again: where?

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