[systemd-devel] Hackfest!

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Feb 18 10:22:33 PST 2013


Just wanted to remind everybody that we'll have the systemd hackfest
this Thursday and Friday in Brno, Czech Rep, right before devconf.cz.

The hackfest friday will also double as Fedora Activity Day, hence we'll
have a focus on systemd integration into Fedora then.

If you hack on systemd, are interested in general systemd development,
or specifically in the integration of systemd into Fedora: you are

If you attend, it would be nice to add yourself to the Google+ event for it:


This enables the organizers to get a better idea how big a room we
need. (And also, if you signed up already, but then figured out you
cannot come after all, please update this in the G+ event too, thanks!)

Also, if you are attending and have any particular topics you'd like us
to discuss on Fri/Thu, then please add them to this Google Doc:


Also check out the devconf.cz programme for Sat/Sun:


In particular, there are going to be two systemd talks, one about "What
are we breaking now?" and one about the systemd Journal.

The hackfest and conference are free.

See you in Brno!


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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