[systemd-devel] systemd kiosk volatile $HOME

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Wed Feb 27 14:34:39 PST 2013

> I guess it depends on how generic you want it to be. If you need to
> sync a single filesystem with fixed name, ExecStartPre for a unit that
> starts logon dialogue looks a right choice.

Andrey I haven't a clue what you said. I hoped some guru might write a
unit. I don't imagine one needs more than five or ten lines. What they
are, I know not.

Generic - I'm unclear of meaning or relevance. We are not syncing a
filesystem. We are copying a folder from a persistent filesystem to a
tmpfs filesystem. Yet it's a folder that affects user experience and
login logistics. It can't be aggressively parallelized without guidance.
Our attempts got somehow clobbered by other systemd or OS operations.

We need to copy a $HOME folder to tmpfs at boot time, presumably after
filesystems are up, and also after default OS user setup, but before tty
or graphical logins. It's a oneshot.

We use rsync only to bypass 'cp' file globbing holes. Rsync is simpler
with dotfiles involved. The $HOME folder lives in fixed locations. The
files inside are don't-cares from any systemd unit standpoint.

Might anyone write a unit with the correct target(s) and require(s) and
options? I thought about two-unit solutions after reading

Thanks all

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