[systemd-devel] FYI : [PATCH] insserv.conf[.d] support for systemd, as a generator

Frederic Crozat fcrozat at suse.com
Tue Jul 2 04:56:45 PDT 2013

Hi all,

some time ago, I wrote support for insserv.conf inside systemd main
daemon and we have been using this code in openSUSE for several

The main goal was to move this patch (which was adding parsing
insserv.conf to systemd core) to a separate generator. This work is now
complete and available in the attached patch. I don't expect it to be
merged in systemd but since it might be useful for other distributions,
I'm sending it here for broadcast.

If you have comments on the code itself, go ahead (I used
fstab-generator.c as a basis ;)

Frederic Crozat <fcrozat at suse.com>
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