[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] kmod 14

Lucas De Marchi lucas.de.marchi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 09:05:18 PDT 2013


kmod 14 is out.

Some bug fixes and a new "static-nodes" command to parse
modules.devname. It was a very calm release cycle.

For the reasoning behind removing "--enable-static": this caused
problems in real world with people linking to libkmod and since it's
not recommended it has been disabled.  I wrote to linux-modules and
systemd-devel mailing lists a while back on how to fix it if anybody
cares. Otherwise it stays disabled.

Thanks to everyone involved in this release. Shortlog is below.

Lucas De Marchi


Chengwei Yang (2):
      Several minor fixes for documentation
      Add document for exported enums

Jan Luebbe (1):
      libkmod: Avoid calling syscall() with -1

Johannes Berg (1):
      modprobe: don't check refcount with remove command

Lucas De Marchi (20):
      TODO: update and reorder
      testsuite: errno is a positive number
      Use _Static_assert
      Use static assertions for sizeof checks
      kmod: It's an error not to have modules.devname
      static-nodes: Fix indentation
      Add format attribute and fix issues
      build-sys: Add AM_V_XSLT to rule creating man pages
      libkmod-module: Don't pass NULL pointer to memcpy
      libkmod-module: Don't pass NULL ctx to kmod_log
      libkmod-index: Return early if readroot failed
      TODO: Add some entries
      Fix coding style
      missing: Don't call syscall() with syscallno == -1
      Revert "missing: Don't call syscall() with syscallno == -1"
      Add travis-ci config file
      build-sys: do not allow --enable static
      static-nodes: Better -f option description
      tools: Use test/kmod instead of kmod-nolib
      kmod 14

Tom Gundersen (2):
      tools: add static-nodes tool
      static-nodes: tmpfiles - also create parents directories of device nodes

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