[systemd-devel] [PATCH] detect-virt: detect User-Mode Linux

Ramkumar Ramachandra artagnon at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 05:58:24 PDT 2013

Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
>  It seems that UM does not have a proper tty system; I force
>  systemd to use the /dev/console by doing:
>  $ mv /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/{getty at tty1.service,getty at console.service}

Where should the exception for um linux go?  When does the code in
getty-generator get executed exactly (installation?).  The same rootfs
can be used in a chroot, or with a vm, so I think the override should
be done at runtime.  There's already an exception for containers: when
detect_container(), install console-getty.service.  Should we add one
for detect_virtualization() when id = "uml"?

Also, um linux does not seem to respect the console=tty0 kernel
parameter (or I'm missing something).

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