[systemd-devel] runtime directories for services vs. tmpfiles

Andrey Borzenkov arvidjaar at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 19:56:40 PDT 2013

В Tue, 16 Jul 2013 20:26:23 +0200
Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net> пишет:

> On Tue, 16.07.13 18:53, Lennart Poettering (lennart at poettering.net) wrote:
> I'd be very conservative regarding adding full tmpfiles support into
> unit files directly. Instead, I'd suggest adding two very minimal, very
> specific new unit file settings:
> RuntimeDirectory=
> RuntimeDirectoyMode=
> If RuntimeDirectory= is set we'd create it and chown() it to the UID/GID
> set with User= and Group=. We'd apply the mode specified in
> RuntimeDirectoryMode= to it.
> We'd even allow multiple runtime directories to be specified.

What if different directories need different modes? I'm afraid it will
become hard to express in unit file.

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