[systemd-devel] udev/systemd/pulseaudio/lirc please improve hotplugging

Damian Ivanov damianatorrpm at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 05:01:13 PDT 2013

Hey guys,

udev/systemd/pulseaudio/lirc should provide a maximum amount of
hotplugging, there are dozens of questions and bug reports on the net
the creative X-fi USB sound card on Linux. The sound itself works,
also 5.1 channels work though standard is set to stereo. The sound
card has a remote control with it, which is very
difficult to set up, a lot of people don't manage it. Wouldn't it be
much smoother if
a) pulseaudio sets the best available channel configuration for the
card and also the default channels and sample rate - sound rattling (
http://community.linuxmint.com/hardware/view/7476  )
b) if udev registers the card set up/recommend/message the user accordingly:
       lircd - --device=hw:Pro --driver=alsa_usb
# brand: Creative
# model no. of remote control: RM-820
# devices being controlled by this remote: SB1095 Soundblaster X-Fi USB Receiver

begin remote

  name  Creative_RM-820
  bits           8

      begin codes

    'POWER'               0x29                # Power
    'MENU'                0x1B                # Menu
    'KNOB_MUTE'           0x0D                # Knob Mute
    'KNOB_VOLUMEUP'       0x10                # Knob Vol_Up
    'KNOB_VOLUMEDOWN'     0x0F                # Knob Vol_Down
    'MUTE'                0x2A                # Mute
    'VOLUMEUP'            0x2B                # Vol_Up
    'VOLUMEDOWN'          0x2C                # Vol_Down
    'UP'                  0x31                # Up
    'LEFT'                0x27                # Left
    'RIGHT'               0x28                # Right
    'REW'                 0x35                # Rew
    'OK'                  0x30                # Ok
    'FWD'                 0x36                # Fwd
    'DOWN'                0x32                # Down
    'REPEAT'              0x3C                # Repeat
    'SHUFFLE'             0x3B                # Shuffle
    'RETURN'              0x1A                # Return
    'PLAY'                0x2F                # Play

      end codes

end remote


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