[systemd-devel] removal of RD_TIMESTAMP support in initrd

Dave Reisner d at falconindy.com
Tue Jul 23 20:29:41 PDT 2013

On Jul 22, 2013 6:44 PM, "Lennart Poettering" <lennart at poettering.net>
> On Fri, 19.07.13 22:02, Dave Reisner (d at falconindy.com) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > With systemd 206 near release, I'd like to understand if commit
> > c72aadd1851096ea is going to stand. This commit removes support for
> > reading RD_TIMESTAMP in the initramfs, and thus makes systemd mandatory
> > for measuring initramfs runtime.
> >
> > If this is the intended future, please help me to understand the
> > rationale behind removing 25 lines of code for a useful feature -- one
> > which has extremely low overhead and is self contained code-wise.
> >
> > I strongly object to the way this was done and would appreciate a more
> > "official" explanation.
> (I didn't remove the lines in question, but I am fine with it.)
> So, we try to keep our code base clean. We delete stuff from time to
> time if it it's obsolete and not important to keep for
> compatibility. RD_TIMESTAMP is obsolete, we can do this much better now
> (and more comprehensively) via serializing/deserializing systemd state
> between inird and the host OS. And the stuff is not important for
> compatibility, since this always has been one of those features that if
> detected are used, but if they aren't it doesn't matter much. It's
> nothing that prevents you to boot, causes services to fail, corrupts
> anything. It's really just about whether "systemd-analyze" will you show
> 3 boot time values split out instead of 2...
> I do understand that you are currently not running systemd in the initrd
> [1], so for you for now this is indeed a loss of functionality. I am
> sorry for that, but please understand this as gentle push to maybe use
> systemd in the initrd, or even better maybe just adopt dracut?

OK sure. Let's talk about getting rid of the compat crap for sysvinit which
is peppering the code base.

Arch won't ever be adopting dracut. We've added systemd support to

> Lennart
> [1] I remember Arch's Tom Gunderson working with Harald on improving the
> mounting logic in darcut/systemd quite a bit at the last
> hackfest. Because of Arch we now have much nicer mount code in
> Dracut/systemd. It would be a pitty if that'd be lost to Arch itself,
> where this came from...
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