[systemd-devel] I caught a something wrong when I analyzed a systemd on my board by systemd-analyze plot (Colin Guthrie)

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jul 24 08:43:36 PDT 2013

Hi Tony,

Please keep the replies on the list as others may find your posts useful
or be able to help.

The full plot svg would still be useful. Ideally post it somewhere and
then include a link.

I'm not sure why dietsplash.service wasn't tracked, but it should really
be shown if it is indeed started by systemd. It can't be "faster than
systemd" if systemd starts it, but if the same functionality of the
dietsplash.service unit is implemented independently in, say, say some
initrd code, then systemd won't track it.

Without seeing the contents of the units and the systemctl status output
for dietsplash.service, it's hard to debug further.

As mentioned above, please keep the replies on list as I am probably at
the end of my useful replies on this topic ;)


'Twas brillig, and Tony Seo at 24/07/13 16:05 did gyre and gimble:
> First of all, thanks for your answer about my question.
> Yes, you are right and I know that it doesn't mean to determine the boot
> time as a splash image on a board. 
> Actually, I made mistake to determined the end of boot sequence, because
> of showing a splash image by dietsplash.service.
> By the way, I wonder why dietsplash.servie is not presented on the image
> which is made by systemd-analyze plot command.
> there is only dietsplash-quit.service on the image.
> I doubt that systemd didn't catch the dietsplash.service, because start
> time of dietspash.service was faster than systemd.
> Is it right?
> And I attach some part of plot image for explaing my situation more clear. 
> Thanks 
> Tony Seo 


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