[systemd-devel] /etc/systemd/system/darkice.service

Kai Hendry hendry at iki.fi
Sun Jul 28 01:51:03 PDT 2013

On 25 July 2013 17:37, Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie> wrote:
> These targets are effectively static synchronisation points. The problem
> here is that you're trying to map a very dynamic concept (networks
> coming and going) to a static one (targets being reached).

Well I'm happy just with coming. ;) I expecting network-online.target
to depend on pingtest.service.
pingtest.service exits 0 and network-online.target is then triggered & reached.

> Hope this explains it to you a little.

Thanks for taking the time to explain Colin. I do agree daemons need
to handle this & it sucks darkice doesn't. So I need a hack without
going the NetworkManager-wait-online.service route. ;)

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