[systemd-devel] macros in systemd unit files question

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jul 31 06:36:25 PDT 2013

'Twas brillig, and lux-integ at 31/07/13 13:14 did gyre and gimble:
> I am trying to learn systemD. I   scaned through some of the man pages.

The first thing to learn is that's it's systemd, not systemD ;)

> I am 
> here asking if  systemD unit file synthesis  can  be made to support macros;        
> for example of the following type:-
> #--------------
> IF mountpoint exists
> /bin/mount /dev/something  $mountpoint
> /bin/mount /dev/something somewherelse
> #--------------

As Tom already said, the units are declarative, so if/then/else
structure is definitely not supported.

You could split that particular example up into two different mount
units tho' I believe.

(using /bin/mount directly is not needed if you define .mount units: see
"man systemd.mount")

You could use ConditionPathIsDirectory=/mnt/mymountpoint in one unit and
ConditionPathIsDirectory=!/mnt/mymountpoint in the other.

Mount units have to be named specially after their mount points, so be
careful there e.g. if the mount point is /mnt/mymountpoint then the unit
should be called mnt-mymountpoint.mount



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