[systemd-devel] [PATCH] man: Document the actual behaviour of ExecStopPost

Mathieu Bridon bochecha at fedoraproject.org
Fri Mar 8 01:26:36 PST 2013

The documentation makes it sound like ExecStopPost is only run when
stopping the service with `systemctl stop foo.service`

However, that is not the case, as it also gets run when the service
unexpectedly exists, crashes, or gets SIGKILLed.
 man/systemd.service.xml | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/man/systemd.service.xml b/man/systemd.service.xml
index 8977873..8001d73 100644
--- a/man/systemd.service.xml
+++ b/man/systemd.service.xml
@@ -464,8 +464,8 @@
                                 <listitem><para>Additional commands
                                 that are executed after the service
-                                was stopped using the commands
-                                configured in
+                                was stopped, either unexpectedly or
+                                using the commands configured in
                                 <varname>ExecStop=</varname>. This
                                 argument takes multiple command lines,
                                 following the same scheme as described

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