[systemd-devel] Why do stop jobs run asynchronously on "systemctl isolate target"?

Umut Tezduyar umut at tezduyar.com
Fri Mar 8 05:38:07 PST 2013


I have realized that return of "systemctl isolate <target>" command is only
synchronous for "starting" jobs but not for "stopping" jobs. How can one
make sure when "systemctl isolate <target>" returns, services that are
needed to be stopped are stopped AND services that are needed to be started
are started on target <target>?

I am using systemd with SysV support and I have runlevel 3 and 4 in use.
default.target is runlevel3.target and mytarget is runlevel4.target.
mytarget is only used to stop some of the services started by runlevel3.
When I run "systemctl isolate mytarget.target", command returns immediately
and further run of "systemctl is-active mytarget.target" returns as
"active". However, I can see that there are "stop" jobs running by
"systemctl list-jobs". I would like to find out, either synchronously or by
polling, when new target is really active. Any suggestion?

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