[systemd-devel] systemd-analyze plot issues in 198

Kok, Auke-jan H auke-jan.h.kok at intel.com
Sat Mar 9 22:48:09 PST 2013

On Sat, Mar 9, 2013 at 4:56 PM, Pierre Schmitz <pierre at archlinux.de> wrote:
> Am 09.03.2013 23:41, schrieb Kok, Auke-jan H:
>> The problem is that the code is now generating coordinates as follows:
>>     <rect class="box" x="0" y="0" width="2204,000" height="3440,000" />
>> Obviously, that needs to be a "." and not a ",".
>> Do you get proper output if you run `LC_NUMERIC=C systemd-analyze plot` ... ?
> Good catch, this will produce the following output which renders just
> fine: http://paste.xinu.at/3IYLR/

And, it's already fixed in git. Lennart did some cleanups in between
breakfast and coffee after v198 and committed a cleanup to
systemd-analyze which includes:

@@ -776,18 +820,19 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
         DBusConnection *bus = NULL;

         setlocale(LC_ALL, "");
+        setlocale(LC_NUMERIC, "C"); /* we want to format/parse floats
in C style */

So, if you have time please try again from git, and let us know, but I
consider the bug solved.



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