[systemd-devel] doing something as the last activity on boot

Britton Kerin britton.kerin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 10:49:12 PDT 2013

Hi everyone, I just had my first encounter with systemd and all in all I'm
highly impressed.

One thing saddened me a bit though: its not obvious what to do if I just want
to start a service or do something *after* all the stuff that shipped with ths
OS has happened and the system is fully operational.  I found some email from
long ago stating that systemd devs thought this would not be a sane feature to
provide, I don't know if that's true but if it is I don't understand the logic.

Whenever I have to go into init systems I always want exactly that.  And its
always surprisingly painful.  This is the #1 use outside of OS devel. context
that the init system is going to see, so it seems to me that is should be
supported, and probably be the first thing in the manual as well.

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