[systemd-devel] what to depend on to avoid file mtime discontinuities?

Britton Kerin britton.kerin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 10:56:12 PDT 2013

My service needs reasonably continuous mtimes on files, but at the
moment there is a big discontinuity soon after boot.

There are a number of web pages out there which tell you to put
stuff like this:

    After=syslog.target network.target

In your .service file linked from:


I'm guess I want to be After one of these targets:

    time-sync.target or

But if multi-user.target doesn't already depend on them I'm not sure its
safe for my target, which is WantedBy multi-user.target, to do so?

Of course what I'd really like is a to be After=everything.target or so as
described in my other email.


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