[systemd-devel] [PATCH] add --with-telinit=PATH configure option

Cristian Rodríguez crrodriguez at opensuse.org
Fri Mar 22 17:40:58 PDT 2013

El vie 22 mar 2013 21:27:16 CLST, Michael Biebl escribió:
> 2013/3/23 Cristian Rodríguez <crrodriguez at opensuse.org
> <mailto:crrodriguez at opensuse.org>>
>     Distributions that never shipped upstart do not have
>     "telinit" in /lib/upstart/..
> What's the point of this patch? Why would I want to configure the
> patch to telinit?

I do not understand your comment..
it is quite simple really, distributions that never shipped upstart 
(such as openSUSE) Do not have /lib/upstart/telinit but 
"/usr/bin/sysvinit" or /lib/sysvinit/telinit" or whatever else.

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