[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 199

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Mar 26 09:12:22 PDT 2013


Many bugfixes but a few new features, too.


(Note that the git tag is still missing in the repo. Currently there's
something wrong with the git tag verifier in the repo on fdo, so I can't
push this... I will push the tag as soon as that is fixed. v199 is
commit efc0ac6af6a105e38d1b0a37d8d5d016c76713cc)


        * systemd-python gained an API exposing libsystemd-daemon.

        * The SMACK setup logic gained support for uploading CIPSO
          security policy.

        * Behaviour of PrivateTmp=, ReadWriteDirectories=,
          ReadOnlyDirectories= and InaccessibleDirectories= has
          changed. The private /tmp and /var/tmp directories are now
          shared by all processes of a service (which means
          ExecStartPre= may now leave data in /tmp that ExecStart= of
          the same service can still access). When a service is
          stopped its temporary directories are immediately deleted
          (normal clean-up with tmpfiles is still done in addition to
          this though).

        * By default, systemd will now set a couple of sysctl
          variables in the kernel: the safe sysrq options are turned
          on, IP route verification is turned on, and source routing
          disabled. The recently added hardlink and softlink
          protection of the kernel is turned on. These settings should
          be reasonably safe, and good defaults for all new systems.

        * The predictable network naming logic may now be turned off
          with a new kernel command line switch: net.ifnames=0.

        * A new libsystemd-bus module has been added that implements a
          pretty complete D-Bus client library. For details see:


        * journald will now explicitly flush the journal files to disk
          at the latest 5min after each write. The file will then also
          be marked offline until the next write. This should increase
          reliability in case of a crash. The synchronization delay
          can be configured via SyncIntervalSec= in journald.conf.

        * There's a new remote-fs-setup.target unit that can be used
          to pull in specific services when at least one remote file
          system is to be mounted.

        * There are new targets timers.target and paths.target as
          canonical targets to pull user timer and path units in
          from. This complements sockets.target with a similar
          purpose for socket units.

        * libudev gained a new call udev_device_set_attribute_value()
          to set sysfs attributes of a device.

        * The udev daemon now sets the default number of worker
          processes executed in parallel based on the number of available
          CPUs instead of the amount of available RAM. This is supposed
          to provide a more reliable default and limit a too agressive
          paralellism for setups with 1000s of devices connected.

        Contributions from: Auke Kok, Colin Walters, Cristian
        Rodríguez, Daniel Buch, Dave Reisner, Frederic Crozat, Hannes
        Reinecke, Harald Hoyer, Jan Alexander Steffens, Jan
        Engelhardt, Josh Triplett, Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering,
        Mantas Mikulėnas, Martin Pitt, Mathieu Bridon, Michael Biebl,
        Michal Schmidt, Michal Sekletar, Miklos Vajna, Nathaniel Chen,
        Oleksii Shevchuk, Ozan Çağlayan, Thomas Hindoe Paaboel
        Andersen, Tollef Fog Heen, Tom Gundersen, Umut Tezduyar,
        Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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