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William Giokas 1007380 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 11:10:13 PDT 2013

On Tue, Mar 26, 2013 at 06:32:38PM +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Tue, 26.03.13 10:06, Shawn (shawnlandden at gmail.com) wrote:
> > you could get a backtrace in gdb
> Yes, please provide a backtrace for this!
I just ran a git bisect on this issue, and it's been happening on my
system since v198, though I hadn't really run make check at all.

  # bad: [ab17a050b778412b11c82f4fa974be9c491ead36] core: if we cannot JOB_ISOLATE the default target JOB_REPLACE it instead
  # good: [dee4c244254bb49d1ffa8bd7171ae9cce596d2d0] build-sys: fix spelling of sysvrcndir
  git bisect start 'v198' 'v197'
  # bad: [2a2473d89e02ccd923abc6e74cddd07798679a15] boot: add stub Makefile symlink
  git bisect bad 2a2473d89e02ccd923abc6e74cddd07798679a15
  # good: [c3e31c7ba1d29c9b967035a6d697820114e1c087] Replace autoconf int max test with simple define
  git bisect good c3e31c7ba1d29c9b967035a6d697820114e1c087
  # bad: [682cfdff697707dbe29c9c1907a7c8c452ffb397] test-strv.c: test strv_join added
  git bisect bad 682cfdff697707dbe29c9c1907a7c8c452ffb397
  # good: [ccc9a4f9ffdab069b0b785627c48962fdadf6d46] man: extend systemd.directives(7) to all manual pages
  git bisect good ccc9a4f9ffdab069b0b785627c48962fdadf6d46
  # good: [d9e5e694ea7841045975426163c96fc9f71e6f7d] install: automatic cleanup using local cleanup functions
  git bisect good d9e5e694ea7841045975426163c96fc9f71e6f7d
  # skip: [38936e3cfaa9c813fe778448de49996429687ad5] build-sys: inline two definitions which were only used in one place
  git bisect skip 38936e3cfaa9c813fe778448de49996429687ad5
  # bad: [2a4b7e7bf2465112415907eef238c786ea145b06] build-sys: fix empty lines
  git bisect bad 2a4b7e7bf2465112415907eef238c786ea145b06
  # skip: [652e737517bbbae692923246aeb687e2d1f314ef] build-sys: keep intermediate files
  git bisect skip 652e737517bbbae692923246aeb687e2d1f314ef
  # bad: [4584651afd7c1ddb30a2bd16a08088969e4bccff] build-sys: add intermediate files to CLEANFILES to fix distcheck
  git bisect bad 4584651afd7c1ddb30a2bd16a08088969e4bccff
  # bad: [1682ff60114b7a57972a03aa99f9864064593f72] tests: add test for unit name printing
  git bisect bad 1682ff60114b7a57972a03aa99f9864064593f72
  # good: [3f0b2f0f452e94444e4fb7b62030ea05738bb1b6] install: allow %u an and %U specifiers in WantedBy/RequiredBy/Alias
  git bisect good 3f0b2f0f452e94444e4fb7b62030ea05738bb1b6
  # good: [3251c0d2392062b2b8354793a2037d1161f824ee] tests: compress unit name tests and add more asserts
  git bisect good 3251c0d2392062b2b8354793a2037d1161f824ee

It ened by blaming this commit:

  [2a2473d89e02ccd923abc6e74cddd07798679a15] boot: add stub Makefile symlink
  1682ff60114b7a57972a03aa99f9864064593f72 is the first bad commit
  commit 1682ff60114b7a57972a03aa99f9864064593f72
  Author: Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <zbyszek at in.waw.pl>
  Date:   Tue Jan 29 15:25:36 2013 -0500

      tests: add test for unit name printing

      :100644 100644 c44ca0b76d53f8151e669ec4f8fa8dbf385ecba5    f0149310330408ced1e5e212bc5ef3684e3395da M      Makefile.am
      :040000 040000 389f403c2b93728e572bbc45f52803d5ed50225f    8d6a4318a1637cf7cc2f19605ca54f669891eef7 M      src

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