[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 203

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon May 6 17:41:28 PDT 2013



This is probably a good release to synchronize a distribution on. For
example, it is our goal that this is the version we will include in
Fedora 19, more or less. d systemd git otoh will probably receive more
invasive changes again in the next weeks, as we reopen major feature
development again. For example, I'd like to port over systemd from
libdbus1 to libsystemd-bus in the next weeks.


        * systemd-nspawn will now create /etc/resolv.conf if
          necessary, before bind-mounting the host's file onto it.

        * systemd-nspawn will now store meta information about a
          container on the container's cgroup as extended attribute
          fields, including the root directory.

        * The cgroup hierarchy has been reworked in many ways. All
          objects any of the components systemd creates in the cgroup
          tree are now suffixed. More specifically, user sessions are
          now placed in cgroups suffixed with ".session", users in
          cgroups suffixed with ".user", and nspawn containers in
          cgroups suffixed with ".nspawn". Furthermore, all cgroup
          names are now escaped in a simple scheme to avoid collision
          of userspace object names with kernel filenames. This work
          is preparation for making these objects relocatable in the
          cgroup tree, in order to allow easy resource partitioning of
          these objects without causing naming conflicts.

        * systemctl list-dependencies gained the new switches
          --plain, --reverse, --after and --before.

        * systemd-inhibit now shows the process name of processes that
          have taken an inhibitor lock.

        * nss-myhostname will now also resolve "localhost"
          implicitly. This makes /etc/hosts an optional file and
          nicely handles that on IPv6 ::1 maps to both "localhost" and
          the local hostname.

        * libsystemd-logind.so gained a new call
          sd_get_machine_names() to enumerate running containers and
          VMs (currently only supported by very new libvirt and
          nspawn). sd_login_monitor can now be used to watch
          VMs/containers coming and going.

        * .include is not allowed recursively anymore, and only in
          unit files. Usually it is better to use drop-in snippets in
          .d/*.conf anyway, as introduced with systemd 198.

        * systemd-analyze gained a new "critical-chain" command that
          determines the slowest chain of units run during system
          boot-up. It is very useful for tracking down where
          optimizing boot time is the most beneficial.

        * systemd will no longer allow manipulating service paths in
          the name=systemd:/system cgroup tree using ControlGroup= in
          units. (But is still fine with it in all other dirs.)

        * There's a new systemd-nspawn at .service service file that may
          be used to easily run nspawn containers as system
          services. With the container's root directory in
          /var/lib/container/foobar it is now sufficient to run
          "systemctl start systemd-nspawn at foobar.service" to boot it.

        * systemd-cgls gained a new parameter "--machine" to list only
          the processes within a certain container.

        * ConditionSecurity= now can check for "apparmor". We still
          are lacking checks for SMACK and IMA for this condition
          check though. Patches welcome!

        * A new configuration file /etc/systemd/sleep.conf has been
          added that may be used to configure which kernel operation
          systemd is supposed to execute when "suspend", "hibernate"
          or "hybrid-sleep" is requested. This makes the new kernel
          "freeze" state accessible to the user.

        * ENV{SYSTEMD_WANTS} in udev rules will now implicitly escape
          the passed argument if applicable.

        Contributions from: Auke Kok, Colin Guthrie, Colin Walters,
        Cristian Rodríguez, Daniel Buch, Daniel Wallace, Dave Reisner,
        Evangelos Foutras, Greg Kroah-Hartman, Harald Hoyer, Josh
        Triplett, Kay Sievers, Lennart Poettering, Lukas Nykryn,
        MUNEDA Takahiro, Mantas Mikulėnas, Mirco Tischler, Nathaniel
        Chen, Nirbheek Chauhan, Ronny Chevalier, Ross Lagerwall, Tom
        Gundersen, Umut Tezduyar, Ville Skyttä, Zbigniew


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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