[systemd-devel] Mount unit using device symlink

Patrick Hemmer systemd at stormcloud9.net
Mon Aug 4 12:43:46 PDT 2014

I'm trying to mount a device using one of its symlinks, but systemd
errors with "Timed out waiting for device dev-block-ec2-ephemeral0.device"

The unit looks like:

/dev/block/ec2/ephemeral0 is a symlink set up by udev:
    # udevadm info -q symlink -n /dev/xvdb
    block/ec2/ephemeral0 disk/by-uuid/d57e2dd9-0062-448c-a914-0b6df045dafb
    # ls -l /dev/block/ec2/ephemeral0
    lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Aug  4 16:59 /dev/block/ec2/ephemeral0 ->

systemd automatically creates a unit for the /sys path, but not the symlink:
    # systemctl list-units | grep 'xvdb\|ephemeral0'
    sys-devices-vbd\x2d2064-block-xvdb.device                  loaded
active plugged   /sys/devices/vbd-2064/block/xvdb

Any ideas how to get this mount unit working with a symlink?

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