[systemd-devel] networkd losing dhcp lease with dracut / nfs root

Tom Gundersen teg at jklm.no
Thu Aug 14 05:18:11 PDT 2014

On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 3:50 AM, Rich Freeman
<r-systemd at thefreemanclan.net> wrote:
> not update valid_lft
> A minute later it again renews DHCP, but also does not update valid_lft.
> 51 seconds later it again renews DHCP, and this time it updates valid_lft.
> So, the interface never drops, but it isn't really maintaining
> valid_lft at all points where it could.  I don't know what would have
> happened if it didn't get the lease at the last update - at that point
> there was around 30s left.  I guess I could test that if necessary by
> shutting down the dhcp server.

Hi Rich,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

I had another look a this, and I cannot reproduce. Whenever my DHCP
lease is renewed, this is immediately reflected in the lft_valid. I
added a bit more debugging to networkd, so if you are able to
reproduce this with current git, please post your debug logs.



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