[systemd-devel] loginctl - multi-seats

arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 11:49:52 PDT 2014

> The way to go is to start with looking at "loginctl seat-status
> seat0". This will show you all hardware currently assigned to seat0. Use
> the device paths showmn to then create additional seats out of them, in
> different combinations.
> Not all devices can be assigned to seats, they have to be marked in udev
> for that. loginctl shows you all that.
> Lennart

I couldn't go anywhere. Like a bozo, I sticked to the old-fashion way
of artificially splinting my nvidia driver. I totally missed the DRM
driver/mode setting stuff.
I have since then installed xf86-video-modesetting on Arch, will
rebuild my custom Kernel, install nouveau ...
Poma gave me everything I need in his post. Thanks again to him.
I am confident I will build a real dual seat.

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