[systemd-devel] Suppressing automounting

Dale R. Worley worley at alum.mit.edu
Wed Aug 27 12:03:47 PDT 2014

> From: Thomas Suckow <thomas.suckow at pnnl.gov>
> >> From: Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net>
> >
> >> Note that a concept of "mount at boot if it is there, otherwise don't"
> >> cannot work.
> >
> > It worked until a week or two ago.  I want it back.
> >
> > I'm sure you're right that in the abstract, it cannot be made to
> > work.  But that isn't the problem I'm facing.
> It seems that a workaround could be to not put the volume in fstab
> and add a unit to the startup that would mount it if present. If you
> wanted to mount it later, you could manually start the unit again.

I'd rather adjust systemd and leave fstab stable than vice-versa.

Here's an interesting fact:  What systemd does (in this situation)
isn't true automounting; rather it waits for the *first* time the
device/volume becomes available, and then mounts it.  Any later
attachments of the volume do not cause mounting (until the next

But at this point, I only need to investigate the issue.  The
documentation I've managed to find about systemd is rather abstract,
there's no map between specific bits of functionality and the files
that control them.

My understanding is that everything systemd does is controlled by
"units".  In this case, entries in fstab cause the creation of units
based on a "template".  If you could point me to the template file in
question, it would probably point me to all of the things I need to



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