[systemd-devel] [LightDM] New multi-seat behaviour

poma pomidorabelisima at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 18:49:59 PDT 2014

On 27.08.2014 07:15, Robert Ancell wrote:
> With LightDM 1.11.7 we have new behaviour for multi-seat configuration.
> Thanks to the great work of Laércio de Sousa LightDM now starts seats as
> defined by logind. I have taken the decision to deprecate the old manual
> method of specifying seats as I think it is confusing to have two systems
> trying to define what seats exist.
> What this means to users of LightDM 1.12 onwards:
> * LightDM will continue to work without logind installed. In this case it
> will just start a single seat ("seat0").
> * If logind has more than one seat defined then lightdm will attempt to
> automatically start these seats.
> * If you were previously defining seats in the LightDM configuration like
> this:
> [Seat:0]
> # ...
> [Seat:1]
> # ...
> These seats will not be started and this configuration will be ignored.
> Please set your system so that logind reports the seats as you had them
> defined (it might do this automatically). If you need to set any per-seat
> LightDM configuration then you can set the sections [Seat:(seat name)]
> where (seat name) is the XDG seat name as reported by logind. The xdg-seat
> property is no longer supported. e.g.
> [Seat:seat-usb-pci-0000_00_1d_0-usb-0_1_4]
> autologin-user=foo
> The AddSeat() D-Bus method now has no action. Logind has methods to
> dynamically add/remove seats.
> * If you need to do a multi-seat setup and you are not running logind
> please shout out. The proposed solution will be to add
> /etc/lightdm/seats.conf that is a fallback in the same way that
> /etc/lightdm/users.conf is a fallback if AccountsService is not available.
> If there's no demand we wont bother adding it.
> --Robert

You asked, here it is.


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