[systemd-devel] /usr vs /etc for default distro units enablement

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Dec 2 02:15:05 PST 2014

Lennart Poettering wrote on 02/12/14 00:25:
> On Tue, 18.11.14 14:40, Colin Guthrie (gmane at colin.guthr.ie) wrote:
>> Well the "upstream blessed" RPM way is to call "%systemd_post" macro in
>> your %post script, but (personally) I don't like this as it makes the
>> implementation very much embedded into the RPMs so changing the upstream
>> macro needs a full package rebuild.
>> In Mageia we do something similar but we shell out to a script
>> instead.
> The idea was to make "systemctl preset" generic enough so that it is
> all we need to change should we want to change the effect of the RPM
> macros one day, if you follow what I mean...

Yeah, I follow, and I generally agree with that reasoning for a fresh
install of a fully systemd distro.

In our case, we needed to handle things like transition from sysvinit
scripts to native units, tracking whether they were enabled as sysvinit
and ensuring that state information was mapped over to the native unit
state too (as this was an upgrade, the "systemctl preset" was never run

But, yeah, longer term I agree with the rationale.



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