[systemd-devel] networkd: Support setting mtu / mac address by interface name

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Dec 4 07:11:55 PST 2014

On Thu, 04.12.14 11:20, Tom Gundersen (teg at jklm.no) wrote:

> > I mean, most of the times .link files are
> > used to choose the name depending on other fields, but I think in all
> > cases where the name is chosen at creation time of an interface (like
> > for example for veth links), it should be Ok to match links based on
> > the name they already have?
> So this we could do (i.e., allow name matches if and only if the name
> is set at creation time). Though, if the name is set at creation time,
> shouldn't also all the other properties have been? 

In nspawn we create veth links, and I *really* *really* don't want to
add tons of options there to set the MTU or suchlike. Setting these
properties really should be done within networkd I think.

I think it would be really useful if we could match on the container's
veth links by name, so that a .link file for it could be equally
expressive as the .network file already is.

> Moreover, if we
> give people this feature I'm pretty sure we'll get lots of people
> expecting it to work also for any other sort of name and getting
> confused when it doesn't.

Well, this is something we can fix by documentation, no?

Or maybe name the match option differently, maybe OriginalName= or
KernelName= or so, and then only matching interfaces where you know
that the name was selected by userspace in the first place?


Lennart Poettering, Red Hat

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