[systemd-devel] a way to limit restarts?

Nekrasov, Alexander alexander.nekrasov at emc.com
Tue Dec 9 10:11:41 PST 2014

Totally missed those. Thanks. Will OnFailure= be activated when the limit is hit? The manual only directly describes StartLimitAction= which isn’t exactly what’s required

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There’s a routine need to support this scenario: a service runs that can fail and needs to be restarted.

But if it just keeps failing it doesn’t make sense to keep restarting forever, it’s just overhead and the system is stuck. So in that case 1) the service needs to be left stopped in “failed” state, and 2) whatever failure action was specified – that action needs to be run.

Ideally, need to be able to limit restarts to a number per period of time, such as 3 restarts in 10 minutes, etc.

Sure, see StartLimit{Interval,Burst,Action}= in systemd.service(5).

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