[systemd-devel] journald syslog forwarding

Holger Winkelmann [TP] hw at travelping.com
Thu Dec 11 05:56:24 PST 2014


>> >However there is a need to forward log messages to remote syslog.
>> >We try to avoid to introduce a full blown syslog solution
>> >like i.e. rsyslog to just forward log messages to a remote syslog server.
> What Jóhann describes should work, even though it is a bit hacky.
> There is also a TODO item to add the functionality to send syslog packets
> over the network to either systemd-journald or a different tool.

As we have worked on a ZeroMQ Journal gateway [1], which is a bit more advanced
like the HTTP gateway and allows to "query" the journal apart of just forwarding,
we could imagine to contribute to this work. As well of i.e. adding native GELF [2]
forwarding to a Graylog2 server.

Are there any plans to follow? I.e, having all protocols in a generic gateway,
or having one gateways per protocol? How the should we define which field
form the journal should be forwarded to syslog?

> Zbyszek
>> Does adding systemd.journald.forward_to_kmsg= ( or configure it in
>> journald.conf via ForwardToKMsg=yes )
>> netconsole=[src-port]@[src-ip]/[],[tgt-port]@/[tgt-macaddr]  on the
>> kernel command line work for you?

[1] https://github.com/travelping/zmq-journal-gatewayd
[2] https://www.graylog2.org/resources/gelf

Holger Winkelmann

email: holger.winkelmann at travelping.com

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