[systemd-devel] journald syslog forwarding

Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek zbyszek at in.waw.pl
Thu Dec 11 08:16:43 PST 2014

On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 03:39:56PM +0000, Holger Winkelmann [TP] wrote:
> Hi,
> >> upload sounds a bit of a batch process, but thats just cosmetic wording.
> >> 
> >> Having this in systems-journald and extend the forward to syslog config with the
> >> target
> >> host was our expectation anyway.
> > The difference is in how the logs are accessed: if journald itself does the
> > jobs,
> > they would be forwarded "live". If anything else, the uploader would be a client
> > which reads the files in /var/log/journal/. The are advantages to both
> > solutions:
> > the first one might be more robust if writing the logs fails or stops for
> > whatever
> > reason. The second one will probably send more logs, because sending of logs can
> > be delayed until the network is up. In the second version, the uploader can also
> > forward logs from other machines (containers). Now that I spelled it out, the
> > second
> > version seems nicer.
> I agree with your findings, and basically thats how the zmq journal gateway works as
> well. And thanks to bring the "wait for network" up here, you would miss important
> boot log entries here. 
> Would the upload tool learn a new URL for this purpose i.e. syslog://<ip>:514 ?
Or a broadcast address, so no configuration is required.
> >> > Initial plan was to implement the most straighforward syslog forwarding,
> >> > so only the MESSAGE field would be sent.
> >>  
> >> it would be great to have at least the following format to send to syslog:
> >> 
> >> "<%pri%>%protocol-version% %timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %HOSTNAME% %app-name%
> >> %procid% %msg%\n"
> >> 
> >> described as rsyslog configuration. All the meta infos are there IMHO.
> > Yes. We just wouldn't go into "structured" syslog messages to carry other
> > fields.
> I agreed as well mapping then into the "struct syslog format" wold be a config
> pain I assume. However the one we listed above should be there ?!?!...
That's rfc5424, right? Then yes.

> If people
> correlating syslog messages on a central server, time, hostname etc. are meaningful.


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