[systemd-devel] systemd boot issue

P J P pjp at fedoraproject.org
Tue Dec 16 02:42:47 PST 2014

> On Tuesday, 16 December 2014 10:41 AM, P J P wrote:

>> and now after 6-7 hours suddenly I see the login prompt with kernel-3.18.0. 
>> I have hit 
>> # shutdown -r now
>> and boot-up has stalled at the same spot again. Let's see...
> I've restarted it with
>    - systemd.log_level=debug systemd.log_target=kmsg enforcing=0.

It is reproducible. With the above parameters the VM hangs for long at - Starting Switch Root... -
But eventually continues to boot and show the login prompt after > 3 hours.

  -> http://fpaste.org/160132/

[13494.227608] systemd[1]: Startup finished in 2.039s (kernel) + 3.288s (initrd) + 3h 44min 48.899s (userspace) = 3h 44min 54.227s.

systemd(1) is is taking 3:44 hours it seems. Another glitch is network.service fails to come up. :(

  - Is there a way to see why/where is it spending 3 hours?
  - Could enforcing=0 be a clue to maybe something is up with SELinux?

Any suggestions would be helpful.
   -P J P

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