[systemd-devel] [PATCH] build: add option to disable hwdb

Michael Biebl mbiebl at gmail.com
Fri Dec 19 18:05:43 PST 2014

2014-12-20 0:23 GMT+01:00 Tom Gundersen <teg at jklm.no>:
> On Fri, Dec 19, 2014 at 3:32 PM, Michael Biebl <mbiebl at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Here is an updated patch, using "conditional"s as suggested by
>> Makefile-man.am and regenerating Makefile-man.am by running "make
>> update-man-list"
>> This also removed the HAVE_PYTHON section from Makefile-man.am. Why it
>> did that is unclear to me.
>> Maybe Zbigniew can chime in here.
> Thanks. This fixed the wrong suffix (.xml rather than .8), but
> introduced some other undesirable changes as discussed downthread, so
> I merged a mix of this an Umut's original patch.

you forgot to merge the conditionals which should be added to the xml files.

Basically you can take my patch and drop the junk which removes the
PYTHON section.

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