[systemd-devel] [PATCH][Resend][RFC] core: Fix wrong timestamps in rtc-in-local time mode.

David Herrmann dh.herrmann at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 05:28:00 PST 2014


On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 3:33 PM, Chunhui He <hchunhui at mail.ustc.edu.cn> wrote:
> Hi all,
> When the system is configured to read the RTC time in the local time zone,
> some timestamps recorded by systemd are wrong.

Apparently, you never received Lennart's reply on your original mail.
Below, you can find his original comment.


Quoting Lennart:

I am not really convinced that we really should try to make this
work. rtc-in-local-time has so many issues, it really doesn't stop
here. If people make use of this, then this is what they get really,
and I am not sure we really should work around it. I mean, systemd
really isn't the only component which might query the clock this
early, in the initrd there might be a ton of other components too, and
it's not realistic to add similar kludges to them all.

In general: rtc-in-local-time is a compatibility hack, and we only
want to support it to the minimal level necessary for compatibility,
but not more. The proper fix for this problem I guess is to use
rtc-in-utc instead!

Sorry if that's disappointing,


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