[systemd-devel] Service enable at runtime after union fs

Stefano Manni stefano.manni at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 23:57:00 CET 2014


I'm facing with a problem while trying to enable services whose files are
not present at the boot time. Here is the scenario:

1. the service *apps-mount.service* mounts a squashfs containing different
services in union (aufs) on /etc/systemd/system

    RESULT: in /etc/systemd/system there are now all the new services and
each contains WantedBy=*apps-started.target*

2. the service *apps-start.service* enables all the new services (added in
point 1) invoking a 'systemctl enable --runtime xxx.service'

    RESULT: In /etc/systemd/system/apps-started.wants/ there are correctly
all the links to the enabled services

3.* apps-started.target* starts and finishes

    RESULT: the new services have *not* been started

Is there a way to change a target's dependencies at runtime before the
target is launched?

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