[systemd-devel] threads and cgroups

Allmeroth, Robert robert.allmeroth at harman.com
Wed Feb 12 02:28:29 PST 2014


I read a lot about the new cgroup concept of the kernel/systemd.
I understand the logic behind it and why systemd wants to be the MCP of it.
But I miss information how threads are handled.

Due to performance reasons we arrange components with various profiles into one executable.
Assume a splash-animation on startup, audio-management, CAN, key input etc. Some of them should be
protected by a realtime cgroup - others not.

Right now we are able to put the whole unit/process into one cgroup with systemd mechanisms (I like the slice concept :))
Named threads can be handled by extra tooling, e.g. invoked via ExecStartPost, managing the threads/cgroups directly 

Problems will arise if manual management is impossible in future implementations.
Is there a systemd concept if and/or how threads living inside of processes can be assigned to separate cgroups?

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