[systemd-devel] linux container started with systemd-nspawn

arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 10:59:54 PST 2014

> What configure options did you use? Can you show the output from configure where
> it says what is enabled and what is disabled.
> What gperf version do you have?

I use the AUR mechanism to make/install package in Arch linux.Here is
part of it:

build() {
  cd 'systemd'

  ./configure \
      --libexecdir=/usr/lib \
      --localstatedir=/var \
      --sysconfdir=/etc \
      --enable-introspection \
      --enable-gtk-doc \
      --enable-kdbus \
      --enable-compat-libs \
      --disable-audit \
      --disable-ima \
      --disable-multi-seat-x \
      --disable-smack \
      --with-sysvinit-path= \


I am not an expert, but as far as I understand, gperf doesn't like
blank lines. And I can find some in
src/systemd/src/core/load-fragment-gperf.gperf. Example below:

88 Service.SysVStartPriority,      config_parse_warn_compat,
0,                             0
90 Service.NonBlocking,             config_parse_bool,
 0,                             offsetof(Service,

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