[systemd-devel] Problems with systemd-coredump

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Spam at nurfuerspam.de
Mon Feb 17 12:27:37 PST 2014


if a bigger application crashes with coredump, then systemd-coredump 
seems to have a few problems with that.

At first, there is the 767 MB limitation which just "drops" all bigger 

But even below this limit it seems to be impossible to store coredumps. 
I did a few tries and found out that, with default configuration, the 
limit seems to be at about 130 MB. Bigger coredumps are just dropped and 
I cannot find any errors logged to somewhere.

It seems to be possible to work around this problem by increasing 
SystemMaxFileSize to 1000M. With this configuration change, bigger 
coredumps seem to be possible, but this causes another problem.

As soon as a bigger coredump (about 500 MB) is to be stored, the whole 
system slows down significantly. Seems like storing such big amounts of 
data takes pretty long and is a very CPU hungry process...

Can someone please give some informations on this? Maybe it's a bad idea 
to store such big amounts of data in the journal? If so, what's the 
solution? Will journald get improvements in this area?

Thank you very much in advance.



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