[systemd-devel] [HEADS-UP] It's release time!

Kay Sievers kay at vrfy.org
Tue Feb 18 03:09:04 PST 2014

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 6:03 AM, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek
<zbyszek at in.waw.pl> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 03:26:35AM +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> It's release time again! It has been more than 4 months now since the
>> last release. That's kinda emberassing, since we actually intended to go
>> for a 2-3 week cycle... The big dbus transition took some time however.
>> Aynway, I just finished a review of the git history, marked backportable
>> fixes, and put together the NEWS.
>> Kay, Zbigniew, Tom, David, Patrik, anything left to fix before I roll a
>> release? I'd like to roll the release tomorrow (tuesday) or
>> wednesday. Please have a closer look and test!
> Hi,
> please give it a week to "mature". This is a great release and a lot of
> people are waiting for it. But there are certainly small bugs left... and
> a week of testing and bug-fix-only commits would be beneficial, imho.

There will be more releases coming soon after release, I expect. :)


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