[systemd-devel] Mention kbd in README?

Graham Cantin kamilion at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 14:11:48 PST 2014

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 12:13 PM, Kay Sievers <kay at vrfy.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 9:06 PM, Marcos Felipe Rasia de Mello
> <marcosfrm at gmail.com> wrote:
> > systemd-vconsole-setup requires loadkeys/setfont at runtime.
> >
> > BTW, since kbd 2.0.0 there is a library for this. Cristian idea should
> > go to the TODO list ;)
> >
> > http://lists.opensuse.org/opensuse-factory/2013-08/msg00357.html
> Do not waste your time please, we will replace the entire kernel
> font/keymap logic with a userspace font renderer and xkeymaps and real
> hotplug, .... There is no point really in add a library now, when we
> will get rid of it anyway later.
> The kernel's VT will only be a debug console if all went south, and
> systemd will not set that up wit localization. The kernel's VT
> subsystem is just too broken to be used as a console for daily use
> today.
> Kay
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Whoa, whoa. There's other things that use the VT system, like /dev/hvc0 and
/dev/ttyS0 and stuff
Can't just throw the baby out with the bathwater there, there's a LOT of
systems running xen that get daily use, and a lot of servers that use IPMI
serial over lan redirection.

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