[systemd-devel] [PATCH] install: Do not enable systemd-networkd by default

Thomas Bächler thomas at archlinux.org
Fri Feb 21 08:25:47 PST 2014

Am 21.02.2014 17:03, schrieb Tom Gundersen:
>> What about Zbigniews idea of using something like:
>> ConditionDirectoryNotEmpty=/etc/systemd/network/
>> Would that work?
> We'd have to look in all the possible folders, and there may (and due
> to 99-deafult.link, always will) be files there, so we don't really
> have a reasonable test. When we start shipping some default .network
> files it becomes even harder (e.g. the thing Lennart mentioned which
> will only apply for given interfaces that we create ourselves inside
> systemd-nspawn). We'll then always have config files, but they may not
> necessarily apply (and we can't know whether or not they ever will).

Just a crazy idea, but I'm still throwing it out here, since I think
this may make people happy:

* Start networkd from udev whenever a network interface
* Networkd quits after a timeout if it has nothing to do
  + A timer to a scheduled event (DHCP renew or similar) would stop it
from quitting entirely.
  + A netlink message informing networkd of new interfaces or removal of
interfaces would reset the timer.

Honestly, why does networkd need to keep running after configuring a
static address? It is only needed when the admin wants to bring the
network down, or when some interfaces change (which would cause it to to
be started again by udev and look at what has changed).

This would also work with your nspawn use case: When a new veth appears,
networkd is launched and sees the new veth.

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