[systemd-devel] KDBus Signals and Timeouts

Justin Brown justin.brown at fandingo.org
Mon Feb 24 19:26:41 PST 2014

My apologies if this isn't the correct list, but it seems like the
systemd developers are working closely on KDBus.

I've been reading over some of the articles about KDBus and have a
question about reclaiming memfds. Let's say that I have a process
which is sending out a large amount of data over lots of signals, and
there are more than one potential subscriber. Is there (or will there
be) any mechanism that these signals can "expire" after some
conditions are met, or will the data just continue to build-up in each
subscriber until it frees the memfds? Additionally, would there be a
way to automatically expire these signals after a period of time,
once a certain number of signals are received, or preferably once a
certain amount of data are received? If that is (or will be) possible,
any idea how the subscriber would be handle signals expiring. Second,
how do memfds count against a service's MemoryLimit setting?


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