[systemd-devel] Creating a Release Tarball

Justin Brown justin.brown at fandingo.org
Fri Feb 28 23:36:54 PST 2014

Sorry for this very basic question, but I've hit a wall and can't
figure what I need to do. I'm getting started on trying to do some
systemd development. The most natural way for me to compile systemd is
to use the Fedora RPM spec to create an RPM and install that on a test
machine. I've pulled the systemd-210.tar.xz and used that to build
RPMs based on the Fedora 20 systemd package. That's easy enough.

The problem that I have is taking the systemd git repository and
turning that into a tarball that the RPM spec file can use. In
particular, it fails -- at least initially -- because there are lots
of files missing in doc/. I'm assuming that I need to run some
commands to prep the repository before creating the tarball. Could
someone enlighten me what steps need to be taken before building the

1. ??
2. tar cJf systemd-210.tar.xz systemd-210/
3. mv systemd-210.tar.xz ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
4. rpmbuild -bb ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/systemd.spec


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