[systemd-devel] How to quiet cron sessions logging with systemd-212?

Mike Gilbert floppym at gentoo.org
Mon Jun 9 20:32:28 PDT 2014

On Mon, Jun 9, 2014 at 4:42 PM, Reindl Harald <h.reindl at thelounge.net> wrote:
> Am 09.06.2014 22:32, schrieb Leonid Isaev:
>> On Mon, Jun 09, 2014 at 09:19:20PM +0200, Reindl Harald wrote:
>>> [...]
>>> on our production infrastrcuture these messages would be
>>> *a lot* more than all other logs summarized
>>> *and* they are spitted to /var/log/messages to make things worst
>>>> But why can't you write a syslog filter which uses facility as well as program
>>>> name? So if you believe that systemd-generated messages are useless, drop them
>>> because you *can not* distinguish between *that* user messages
>>> and system message sbecause they have systemd as program name
>>> common, the PID changes and you don't want to drop *system
>>> messages* from systemd
>> So, systemd starts certain things on _any_ user "login": be it a real user, or
>> a daemon. However
> * why do it need to do that much stuff
> * why can't it keep that stuff long-running
> you have already "/usr/lib/systemd/systemd --user" and "(sd-pam)"
> processes for every userid ever started a cronjob running all
> the time - so why flood the logs every minute again?

Now that you mention it, you can cut down on a lot of the log spam by
enabling "linger" for root and other users which run cron jobs.

loginctl enable-linger <user>

This will keep a systemd user instance running so that a new one is
not spawned every time cron wakes up.

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